Happy Easter !!!
Happy Easter !
Today, Christians observe one of the two biggest Christian holiday. According to folk tradition Easter symbolizes the resurrection of nature to new life , the victory of spring over winter. It is believed that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the greatest event in the history of mankind.

According to folk tradition in the decoration for the holiday include red and white eggs. Prepare several ritual bread - one is called the house and distributed to Easter family members , others donate to sponsors and relatives.

Feast of children and adults fuck with red eggs by looking at whose egg will come out a winner. It is believed that the one who put the egg wrestler will be most robust during the year.

Name Day Easter Celebrate Great , Velichko , Great , Wieliczka , resurrected , Veljko , Velka .

Tradition still Easter comprise the first round , which is played Shrove . It is lush and fun. Expression of the joy of the people of the resurrection of nature for new life, their hope that it will reward them handsomely for their work this summer , of faith in the victory of good over evil.

Be healthy , happy and blessed ! Christ is Risen !
Happy Holidays!

Dear friends, colleagues, customers and partners, team KIK Design Ltd. greets you with upcoming Christmas and New Year and I wish you good health, smiles and good luck!

KIK Design Ltd. Receives Prestigious Award
For the year the company was awarded in a competition of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria.

On 10/25/2013 Year at Park Hotel Moscow held its annual cocktail of House Builders in Bulgaria - Regional Embassy on the occasion of October 26 - Dimitrov day professional holiday of the builder. Each year the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria - Regional Embassy organized a competition for the best construction company , a member of the BCC - OP Sofia. KIK Design Ltd. in recent years, has received recognition for his work with the contest and this year is no exception. We are happy to announce that this year KIK Design Ltd. was awarded second place in the " Best Construction company" - a member of the BCC - OP Sofia !

Management of the company expresses its sincere gratitude for the evaluation and support of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria - Sofia OP !

Congratulations to the entire team of KIK Design Ltd. ! 
KIK Design introduced a new building in operation
Project KIK Park Bank received permission to use (ACT 16 )
Dear friends , partners and customers , we are happy to inform you that on 23.10.2013 the year was held Acceptance Committee of the National Construction Control ( NCSD ) based on which of 28/10/2013 Year is authorized to use (ACT 16 ) of KIK Park Bankya. This is another investment project KIK Design Ltd., which was successfully completed and put into operation with all necessary documents. We thank all customers, partners , institutions and supervisory authorities for assistance , support and trust .
Congratulations to all buyers in KIK Park Bankya, congratulations to the whole team of KIK Design Ltd. !
KIK Design celebrates birthday
Today KIK Design Ltd. celebrates its ninth birthday!

Dear friends, today 13/09/2013 Year KIK Design Ltd. celebrates exactly nine years. Thanks for the vote of confidence and support to all customers, partners and clients during these nine years! Thanks also to our team, all current and former colleagues who have worked selflessly and proper to be KIK Design Ltd. what it is today!

Happy Holidays colleagues, be healthy, happy and always so honest professionals! 
In September 2013 KIK Design Ltd. celebrates nine years
KIK Design Ltd. special logo on the occasion of the 9th anniversary

During the month of September 2013 KIK Design Ltd. will celebrate its ninth anniversary. In this case was presented to a special logo.

Stay tuned information about festive event!
KIK Design Ltd. opened a new facility in Sofia
KIK Design Ltd. with the official opening of its newest development project in Sofia.



On May 31, 2013 dedication ceremony was held to inaugurate the building of KIK Design Ltd. - KIK Park Bankya in Bankia . Guests festive cocktail were your closest friends and business partners , and Nikolay Stankov - Chairman OP Sofia Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria . Festive ceremony was held by Father Nicanor and Father Constantine , and the ribbon was cut at the same time the three owners of KIK Design Ltd. and Eli Arsova , owner of the land on which the building was constructed . The mood of the guests take care of reputable DJ - DJ Venko.


Management of KIK Design Ltd. thanks to the entire team of the company involved in the project, and all friends and partners involved in the implementation .


We express special thanks to Mr. Stankov - Chairman of the Regional Embassy of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria for the warm words welcoming to guests and team.


The architectural design is by architectural studio "Studio M Arch " hosted by Dimitar Kaloianov architect , construction supervision was again entrusted to the company " Arch Consult" Ltd., managed by Mr. Yavor Stoyanchev .


Soon, the new owners will begin to be applied in their new homes, and we thank them for the trust you place in us .

More photos from the event can look to our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/KIKDesignBG 


KIK Design Ltd New office
At the start of the new 2013, KIK Design sat down to a new office

The new year brought a new office KIK Design Ltd.. Dear clients and partners, inform you and will be happy to welcome you to our new office located at:

Sofia 1618
"Tsar Boris III" № 159 / main entrance from the street: "General Alexander Suvorov" /

Telephone numbers and e-mail us remain unchanged:

  + 359 2 989 7337
  + 359 2 989 7447
  + 359 2 904 20 20
email: office@kik-bg.net 

More information and a map of the location can be found under "Contact Us" on our website.
KIK Design Ltd. with yet another award
KIK Design is once again among the best performing companies in Bulgaria 

For the third consecutive year KIK Design Ltd. is among the companies that are members of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria. The annual competition for the "best-performing company member of the BCC-OP Sofia" KIK Design Ltd. was awarded second place in the category "Top-performing company with a turnover in 2011 to 7.5 million Levs."
Prizes were awarded to 27.10.2012 year at a ceremony in the capital hotel "Metropolitan" on the occasion of the professional holiday Builders - Day of St. Demetrius !
8 years KIK Design Ltd.
Today we are celebrating a birthday!
Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, customers and partners, we are happy to announce that today KIK Design Ltd. celebrates eight years since its creation. In those days except the holiday and set to make revisiting past years successes and failures, looking back with memories of good times and difficult and dramatic situations.

During these eight years we did a lot, worked hard to make KIK Design Ltd. is a well functioning and growing company that strives to meet all the requirements of our clients and contractors, even in recent years, the financial and economic difficulties throughout world. We have built many projects with different purposes and will mention few of them: objects of EA "State Reserve and War-time Stocks" objects Metropolitan Municipality, objects "Railway Infrastructure", EVN Bulgaria, residential and administrative buildings and more.

Keen We continue to develop, grow and strive for even better services to offer our clients, partners and clients.

Thank you all for your vote of confidence!

Happy Holidays to the entire team and the people that during these eight years have been a part of it!

Happy holidays, dear colleagues!
Day of the builder
Today is the day of st. Dimitar !


Demetrius of architects, designers, engineers and all involved in the construction celebrate their professional holiday!

Happy Holidays colleagues wish you a very personal and professional success!

On this day celebrate name day: Dimitar Dimitrina, Demeter, Dimo, Dima, Dimka, Dimitrichka, Dimcho,smoke, Dragan, Mitko, Mitka, Mithra, Mitra, Mita. Are you alive and healthy names! 

7 years KIK Design Ltd.

Today KIK Design celebrates seven years of its creation! KIK Design We thank all our customers, partners and contractors for the confidence that we voted for all these years! Thank all colleagues who for one reason or another are not part of the current team of the company for everything you have done and contributed during his work in KIK Design Ltd! Happy Holidays fellow! 
Special promotional prices
Special discounts on parking lots and garages



Dear Customer, We are happy to introduce you to our Easter special promotional prices for purchase or rental of parking spaces in underground garages of our buildings and garages on the ground floor:



  •      lump sum price: € 7900
  •      price in installments without escalation: € 8500


Parking in underground garage

  •      price with full payment: € 3900
  •      price in installments without okapyavane: € 4500


You have the option to rent parking space or garage rental prices on the following:


  •      Garage rental: 70 EUR / month
  •      rental of parking space in garage: 60 EUR / month


More information can be obtained from our Sales Department

02 / 989 7337                    e-mail: office@kik-bg.net

02 / 989 7447                    e-mail: sales@kik-bg.net

0898 66 2222                     web: www.kik-bg.net

KIK Design Ltd. on Facebook
Visit KIK Design Ltd. in Facebook and join our fans!


Join the fan page of KIK Design Ltd. in Facebook and you will find many topical information about the company, which builds sites and upcoming projects for implementation!

Join our fan page by clicking on this: KIK Design Ltd. on Facebook

BG Site 2010
KIK Design Ltd.'s web site participated in the race for the prize BG Site 2010


Web site KIK Design Ltd. is incorporated in the race for the prize B Site 2010 in the category "Corporate Site".BG Site contest was held for the 11th consecutive year, a foundation organized by the BG site.This year the battle in all categories is large and the selection of winners from each category will be very difficult.

Anyone can give voice to the site you like by visiting the contest website to 08.11.2010 year.

We expect all our customers, friends and partners to support us by voting for the site of KIK Design Ltd!Here are some steps that will help you vote:

1. Find us on the list and check the box next to the name of the site at: http://www.bgsite.org/vote.php

2. Press the bottom of the "Continue" button

3. Enter your valid e-mail address to receive a letter confirming the votes.

4. Open your mail and click the confirmation link in the received message.(If you do not find the letter and please check your spam folder)

Thanks to all who have supported us or to do it!



KIK Design's office moved to new address
The company's office moved to a new address

On 09/27/2010 our team KIK Design Ltd. is pleased to welcome all customers, friends and partners in its new office address: Sofia, 8 Ami Boue str. Phone numbers to contact us remain unchanged.



KIK Design Ltd. celebrated its sixth birthday
On 09/13/2010, the company celebrated six years since its creation.

Party in the new Metropolitan Club Deluxe Bar Stars' team and welcomed the owners of the company dear guests, friends and partners. More information about the event can be found on Facebook page KIK Design, which is set and numerous photos.




More information here:

Construction Chamber with a new President
On 24.06.2010 was held accountable - elected assembly of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria.
Eng. Svetoslav Glosov elected President of the BCC. He was elected with 165 votes in the 202-player voting delegates to the General Assembly held today in the House. At the suggestion of the new president - former - Prof. Simeon Peshov remains honorary president of the organization. Eng Glosov rival, Peter Christoff gathered 33 votes. Among the delegates was the manager of KIK Design Ltd. - eng.Plamen Kisyov who also supported the choice of eng.Glosov. General Assembly reelected Assoc. Georgi Linkov Chairman of the Committee for keeping maintenance and use of TSPRS with 196 votes. The new chairman of the supervisory board of the Chamber is Valentin Nikolov.

Builders and elected a new Board, the Supervisory Board and the Appeal Committee of the register.

Honorary guests at the event were Minister of Regional Development Plevneliev Rosen, chairman of the regional committee in parliament Luben Tatar and general secretary of the Bulgarian Industrial Association Peter Denev.
Certificate of "Metrological and Technical Surveillance
KIK Design Ltd. was awarded for work with dangerous equipment


KIK Design Ltd. was awarded for work with dangerous equipment from the State Agency for Metrology and Technical Supervision.For more information, visit the "About Us" online!

KIK Design Ltd. is the administrator of personal data
KIK Design Ltd. has entered into the Commission for Protection of personal data register.



KIK Design Company Ltd. has entered into the Commission for Protection of personal data as an administrator with an identification № 261140

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